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It’s a pity that not all of us were fortunate to have experienced the quintessential “Leave it to Beaver” childhood. You know ― the Midwest upbringing, the stay-at-home Mom and the Dad who, although he worked his tail off, still found time to spend with the family. 

Amy Girouard, born and raised in Iowa, was one of the lucky ones. “My parents were high school sweethearts,” she begins. “Really, I had an amazing childhood.”

That childhood served as the foundation for what her life would eventually look like and for experiences that required an abundance of self-confidence.  “I attended the University of Iowa and come from a long line of Hawkeyes,” she tells us.  “While there, I studied abroad and did a Semester at Sea. This is a trip around the world, visiting 10 countries in 100 days.” 


From the trip around the world to working as first mate on a sailboat in the Caribbean to working on a presidential campaign to living and working in Washington, D.C., Amy’s post-college days were one long whirlwind of travel. When it came time to settle down, she decided not to depend on her undergraduate degree in political science, but to go for a master’s in elementary education.

“I did at one time think that a career in politics would be the way to make a positive difference in the world,” she begins. “Working and living in D.C., I discovered a lot of other people also wanted to make a difference. So, I figured if I wasn’t going to make the big bucks, I might as well be doing something I love. That’s why I chose teaching,” she concludes. So, off she goes on yet another Amy Girouard adventure.


So, where does a young, new teacher begin her career? She knew she wanted warmer weather. She also wanted water nearby and she insisted on being surrounded by like-minded, “young and hip” people her age. If that doesn’t describe Austin, I am at a loss to determine what does. Lucky in life again, Austin’s affordable cost of living and proximity to the lake matched the lifestyle she was looking for.

Here, she again waitressed for a living while picking up substitute teaching days with Round Rock ISD. The following year, our Ms. Girouard began teaching full time.


That’s what we wanted to know. After all the hard work why did she want to give up her teaching career of nine years?

“As a child, I wanted to be an interior decorator,” she explains.  “I’d sit under the stairs and cut pictures out of J.C. Penney’s catalogs and use them to design rooms, I helped my mom shop for furniture and accessories for her home; I was obsessed with the interior design of residential real estate. When it came down to making a career choice as an adult, though, the thought of doing a whole house for someone else scared me,” she says, with a chuckle.  

Remember when you were young and trying to decide not only your place in the world but which of the myriad of choices would make you the happiest? Ah, if only we knew then what we know now. Like many of us, it took a circuitous journey for Amy to finally get hit by the lightning bolt that told her that the love of interior design also includes the love of homes. When it hit, however, it hit hard and to the real estate licensing exam she went.

Today, she loves nothing more than looking at the interior of a home and translating her vision of it to her clients. “I love walking into a place and imaging what it could be,” she explains. “What would I do to bring it up to date? Where would I put furniture?  How could I make it look good on a budget?” And her clients absolutely appreciate her advice.  


Amy swears she doesn’t have an official bucket list but when pressed, readily rattles off a list of hopes and dreams. She would like to buy a sailboat to island hop around the Caribbean, take a big vacation each year, and buy multiple rental properties to manage herself.

In the meantime, however, she is content use her skills as an educator to assist folks unfamiliar with the real estate process to successfully buy and sell homes.  She has found she is especially drawn to the challenge of predicting the prefect price that a home will sell for. 


“I’m very organized, logical, and a big believer in planning,” she begins. “Most of all, I want to help people navigate what many consider a complicated process. I love that moment when, armed with knowledge, my clients discover that it isn’t as complicated as they’d feared and it’s not at all scary.”