Austin is the capital of the state of Texas. It sits cradled in the Central part of the state. It takes the title of fourth largest city in Texas and 11th largest in the country. Austin is quickly gaining the reputation of one of the most active cities in America. The jobs are plentiful with the nightlife to match. Between the years 2000 and 2006 Austin was deemed third fastest growing city in America. The estimated population in 2012 was 842,592 and still climbing steadily. The city is the hub of economic growth and culture for the five cities in the Austin and Round Rock area. 

The median price for single family homes in Austin is roughly $224,000 - up 6% from the prior year. Austin home sales rose 30% in one year. The boom in the economy and the offer of gainful employment has made this city the most sought after for all kinds of families. The college-town atmosphere and the plentiful nightlife have made it attractive for students to stay after graduation as well.

The East Side - Austin is split into four diverse parts which hold a charm of their own. The East side boasts Austin homes that show off the city's Victorian charm. They are now mainly master planned communities made to preserve the history. The Austin Realtor population has found this to be a very intriguing area to show during Austin's growth because of the vast changes happening in this area. West Austin - Located downwind of Lake Travis is the west section of Austin—this is a truly diverse section with everything from upgraded older homes to posh exclusives as well as catering to a large student populous. Your Austin Realtors find this to be an ever-booming section of the city for Austin relocation. Central Austin - From "Brown Stone" type Austin homes to loft renovations, you can find places that range from artsy to homey.

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