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Introducing: Crystal Long

Crystal Long was born and raised in Southern California. But, before you consider her just another transplant, you should know that Texas is where her roots run long and deep.

“My grandfather was a proud Texan, retired military, and his dream for me was that I would someday settle here and raise a family of fiercely proud Texans,” she said, grinning. “His dream came true.”

We, like many of you, often wonder what prompts someone to pull up stakes where they grew up, in search of a new “hometown.” 

“We had friends who moved to Austin,” Crystal explains. “So, we researched the area and were surprised at how it exhibits much of what we love about Southern California yet it is void of the negative aspects.”

“For instance,” she continues, “the weather in Austin is close to what we were used to in SoCal yet the area still has the small-town vibe and open spaces that so much of Southern California lacks.”

Life before Austin

As a child, Crystal Long dreamt of being a teacher (following in Mom’s footsteps). By the time she enrolled in the California State University system – Cal State Fullerton – she’d changed her mind and majored in business administration, concentrating in accounting.

After graduation, Crystal took her math whiz skills and employed them as a controller for a private real estate investment firm. While she enjoyed the bookkeeping aspect of her career and had fallen in love with real estate, she craved more interaction with people.

“As a real estate agent, I am able to feed my love of number crunching with my need to interact with and serve people,” she explained.

Interestingly, it’s not her business administration background that most prepared Crystal for the real estate industry but, she claims, it was waiting tables while she was in college.

“Think about it,” she said. “In what other job is one exposed to so many different personalities and expected to multi-task and solve problems quickly and diplomatically, while under intense pressure?”

SoCal in her rearview mirror

With California in her review mirror and Austin Texas growing nearer and nearer (thanks, Mack Davis) Crystal felt as if she’d come home.

She got right down to business and joined the Jorgensen Team, putting her experience and skills to work helping Austinites buy and sell homes.

When we asked the “boss,” Kasey Jorgensen, what he first noticed about Crystal, he didn’t hesitate. “Her knowledge of Austin and the surrounding areas is better than many lifelong locals,” he said. 

“She can not only rattle off information about schools, parks and Austin’s best shopping, but her knowledge includes the minutiae, such as the various amenities offered on a neighborhood level.”

Living and working in Austin, Texas

When not helping Austin’s homebuyers and sellers, you can find Ms. Long either volunteering at her children’s school or spending time with the family exploring all that Austin has to offer.

So, what do you get when you hire Crystal to help you navigate your Austin real estate transaction? An agent with a passion for the details and the ability and willingness to explain them; a real estate agent who actually listens to your wants and needs and is available to help you attain them. 

You’ll also work with someone who has taken the time to build a strong support network, which is invaluable to her clients. Whether they need a roofer, painter or carpenter, Crystal has a list of carefully-vetted vendors she is happy to share with clients.

We asked Crystal why she thinks you should choose her to help you buy or sell a home in Austin.

“Responsiveness is so important in this business,” Crystal explained. “When people are knee-deep in a real estate transaction, mired in all the stress and anxiety it can provoke, the last thing they need is someone who doesn’t return their calls, who isn’t listening and who doesn’t seem to care about anything but a commission check.”

While Whataburger is the official “Texas Treasure,” Austin has its own treasure in Crystal Long.