Georgetown is the county seat of the suburb of Williamson County. This also puts it in a prime spot in a very close suburb to Austin. Any good Georgetown Realtor will tell you that it is a prime location for those who want to live in the suburbs, but go to Austin to play. However, that doesn't mean that Georgetown doesn't have enough to do. This may be because it is home to Southwestern University, which is the oldest university in Texas.

Historical Architecture of Georgetown

Georgetown offers Victorian style commercial and residential Georgetown homes. The city prides itself on the history and the beautiful structures throughout. It has a gorgeous historical business district which is protected by a historical ordinance that was set in 1976. Georgetown is also the proud home to five different endangered species - from songbirds to invertebrates. If Georgetown homes could speak, they would tell you the land they sit on has been inhabited since 9000 BC.


The city of Georgetown has been noted as an appropriate place for retirees due to the temperate climate year round and the Alzheimer's care specialization in the area. The median age for those with Georgetown homes is 65. A good Georgetown Realtor will be able to guide the right person towards the right location for them.


A perfect example of why it is so popular to buy in Georgetown is this: People are coming from places like California and selling very high priced homes to buy—sometimes—even larger homes in Georgetown and the surrounding area for less cash. So "more home" for less cash seems to be the trend so far. It doesn't look as if it will be slowing down any time soon, in fact.

Regardless of what the reasoning behind the mass relocation is—Georgetown Realtors are the local experts for the job, & asking as many questions as you can is a sure fire way to success.

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