Welcome to Hutto, Texas!

This unique small town is quickly growing and along with that growth comes much more to see and do! This is Hippo nation and these citizens sure are proud of their fun mascot. Take a drive through town and you can't help but notice all of the hippo statues in front yards and even in front of businesses. Story has it that the town attained its fun mascot when a circus train making a stop in Hutto had a hippo get loose!

Hutto ISD has grown significantly in the past 10 years, from just one K-12 campus to now eight campuses, with every campus growing each year. Hutto is home to several restaurants that will satisfy your cravings but they are perhaps most well known for serving some of the best homemade pie in Central Texas out of The Texas Café and Pie Shop.

Hutto also hosts a farmer's market every Wednesday and has several beautiful parks for hiking, picnicking, fishing, and biking.

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