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Introducing Tanya Kerr, Realtor®

Ask a native Texan to tell you a bit about themselves and they typically start with “I am born and raised Texan.” Tanya Kerr is no exception. But she’s no city slicker Texan, that’s for sure.

“I grew up on a farm in Paige, Texas,” she admits. The population of Paige, by the way, was 275 in 1990, according to the U.S. census. And, the population 10 years later? No change – still 275 residents.

Like many of us who grew up in dinky towns, Kerr admits she developed a “love-hate relationship with the land. It gave me the freedom to run, play and explore, but it also required many hours of various kinds of manual labor.  From a young age, I was feeding cows, bailing hay and harvesting fruits and vegetables.”

Graduation from high school brought with it an excuse to escape the hard work and confines of her hometown so off to college she went, eventually graduating from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

It didn’t take long for Kerr to realize her thirst for education wasn’t satiated so she enrolled at Sam Houston State University, eventually obtaining a master’s degree in educational administration.

It was upon her final graduation that she decided to move to Round Rock where she hoped to advance her teaching career and be closer to family.

That tap on the shoulder

Like many real estate agents, the business sort of came up and tapped Kerr on the shoulder. Upon the birth of her first child, she and her husband decided that Tanya was needed more at home than in the school system, so she resigned her position with the Round Rock ISD and embarked on what she calls one of the hardest jobs there is – a stay-at-home-mom.

“Stay-at-home moms are some of the hardest working and strongest women I know,” she said.

Although that period was vastly rewarding, she longed to get back to work, but craved a more flexible schedule. When her husband reminded her how much she loved searching for and renovating houses, the die was cast. 

“Real estate was appealing for me because it’s an interest I've always had, I love working with people and helping others, and it provides me with the flexibility to be around for the formative years of Lucy's life,” she said.

Lucy, by the way, is a “spitfire and a very smart, spunky, bossy, beautiful little girl that keeps me on my toes.” When asked for her top three bucket list items, in fact, Lucy earns a spot at the top: “I want to see my daughter grow up to be a kind, compassionate, intelligent and tenacious woman.”

Kerr brings a lot to the table

Kerr loves being a wife and mother. But the thing that gets her out of bed in the morning is her real estate practice. More specifically, it’s the people that come to her for help.

“I have clients who tell me that far more important than the home they are going to purchase is how the move will impact their children,” she explains. “I’m a part of that – I help them find the place, the community, that just-right school that ensures a smooth transition for the entire family.”

“That type of fulfillment is something that really stays with me,” she continues. “It is the reason I do what I do. I help people. I make an impact. At the end of the day, what more can one hope for?”